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A vibrant community of women who love fishing, helping each other become better "Fishin' Girls"!

About Fishin' Girl

From the founder, Cathy Sanders:

I was once where you might be now-I saw others fishing (especially when I saw them fishing on the beach) and I wanted to learn so badly. Once I discovered surf-fishing I starting taking in anything I could find about it, watching hours and hours of videos and reading articles, joining fishing groups on Facebook, and getting TONS of advice, some good, some not so good.

It took a long time to sift through all the content to find what was working for me. As a woman, some of what I learned wasn't really applicable to me, so I had to filter it out. I would have loved to have a community like this to connect with other women who love fishing to learn and grown from.

My goal is to help you learn and grow in a fun, positive setting where you can (hopefully) connect and build relationships with other women, maybe even some in your own local area, so you can get better at fishing!

If you're joining this community in the beginning stages, a lot of the educational content will surround surf fishing. Why? This is the type of fishing I know best. My desire is to expand Fishin' Girl to all types of fishing and areas, so if you are accustomed to other types of fishing, I made a space where you can begin connecting with others who share the passion for your style of fishing!  

Whether it's surf fishing, my favorite, from a dock or pier, inshore or offshore on a boat, or in  freshwater pond or river, if you are a woman who loves to fish, we want you to be a part of our thriving women's community!

Why You Should Join

Check out all the great benefits of the community!

  • Connect with other women who love fishing
  • Post your own fishing reports and questions to learn and grow from other members
  • Watch exclusive courses
  • Take part in Fishin' Girl events
  • Get notified first about new courses and branded products from Fishin' Girl
  • Access to great seafood and fish recipes from Fishin' Girl and other members
  •  Community access through web and apps!
  •  Make lifelong friends who share your passion for fishing
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